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Backed by an agency with sales experts and certified project managers, we provide a workspace for deal conversations. Call to action features enable bargains, sending offers, work progress review, disputing tasks and accepting work delivery.


Our collaboration tool enables sharing which keeps chat and files protected from third party access. Before, during and after orders are placed, chat and files regarding the order remain private to the deal parties and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

  • "Wow! It was a job well done. He finished just in time for my demo tomorrow. He already understood the gig. I’m hiring again. Well done Bosa!"

    Stephen Onerhime

  • "My demo session was successful. Thanks to you."

    Stephen Onerhime

  • "Rilwan Akeyewale is very professional and timely. I’ll definitely work with him again."

    Olanshile Adufe

  • "They delivered as expected. We really appreciate their patience through our reviews. Working with Printipy was worth the while indeed!"

    Zanch International Limited